Adolescents & Addiction: Signs, Symptoms & Interventions

“We see the stories on the news and shake our heads with regret.  Another young man or young woman dead due to addiction – another family torn apart.    Are there things we can do as a family to reduce the risk to our children?  How, as parents and grandparents, can we tell when casual drug or alcohol experimentation is becoming a problem? How and when is it appropriate to intervene?  This is an important session for anyone with adolescents they care about, because it isn’t always someone else’s kid. “

Watch and listen as Certified Alcohol & Drug Dependency counsellor and 2014 recipient of the prestigious Peter Armstrong Award of Excellence, Hamish White and Dawna Alexander, Registered Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Toronto, provide insightful information based on their combined years of experience.”