Invest with Success

Each portfolio is designed to reflect your unique needs and goals and to focus on meeting your personal definition of success. Our seasoned team uses a mix of investment strategies designed to achieve the returns required to help you meet your goals while avoiding undue risk.


The investment process begins with a thorough understanding of:

  • Your objectives
  • The investment returns required to meet these goals, and
  • Your comfort with risk

Together, these factors guide investment decisions for your portfolio.

The LWM Investment Committee, analyzes the current market conditions and mid-term economic outlook to set an overall strategic direction for our portfolios. The Committee also regularly reviews individual securities to identify attractive investment opportunities. Portfolio Managers then use this information to build and manage individual portfolios on behalf of their clients.

Portfolios are diversified across asset classes, industries and individual securities. We strive to understand the industry, company management, competitive position and financial health for each of our investments. Stocks are continually evaluated to ensure ongoing suitability. Our approach is long-term, structured and disciplined. Every decision is centered on the client and is driven by the expertise and experience of the team.