Resilience – A Women’s Health And Wealth Initiative

“Resilience as a practice, not a personality trait. Psychologists are now approaching resiliency as a dynamic process, which involves positive adaptation to difficult circumstances. For many people, resiliency is something that can be learned and developed. It is also a continuous journey that requires practice.” *

Join our dynamic panel of experts as they guide us through the basis journey for movement, micronutrients and mindset meditation for resilience.

* Source: Women’s Brain Health Initiative


Dr. Tara Campbell, ND is a registered Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and founder of Higher Health.

She is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) and Queen’s University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Health and Psychology.

Dr. Tara enjoys seeing patients of all ages and has a special interest in hormone and neurotransmitter balance, chronic fatigue, immune health, digestion, weight and metabolic concerns, athletic performance, injury recovery, and pain management.

Using evidence-based medicine and naturopathic therapies, Dr. Tara educates and empowers her clients to achieve their Highest Health. She combines clinical nutrition, IV vitamin therapy, botanical medicine, acupuncture, mindset and lifestyle discussion in order to provide comprehensive and complete holistic health care.

Dr. Tara is an active member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) as well as the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND).

In her spare time, Dr. Tara enjoys active outdoor living and quality time with family and friends.  She is a past marathon runner and personal trainer, an Asthanga yoga student, a health foodie, a community connector, and a lover of waterfront, beach, boating and nature environments.  Dr. Tara lives in Pickering, Ontario with her partner and 2 year old daughter.


Deanna Miconi is a Pilates and Medical Qi Gong instructor, and a Canine Massage Therapist here in Toronto.

Pain and injury prevention, rehabilitation, and functional training are the main focuses of her practice.  Deanna has a passion for helping her clients find freedom in their movement and overall balance, strength, and resilience in their bodies through physical, energetic, and breathwork training.

Deanna’s love for dogs has opened up her practice with people to furry friends since the end of 2019 when she completed her Canine Massage Therapy certification at the RCCMT.  Helping dogs manage stress and anxiety, pain due to conditions such as arthritis and injuries, and to feel more comfortable in their senior years brings an indescribable joy to her work and life.

Deanna spends her free time outdoors all year round, and loves to bake healthy treats, decorate, and to do crafts at home. She believes that love and kindness, mindfulness, and a keen focus on our desires are attributes we should all step into every single day, to live our highest and best selves.


Sandra Pribanic is a Registered Psychotherapist with private practices in Toronto and Collingwood.

Her approach is holistic, and integrates body centered psychotherapy, neuroscience, mindfulness, early childhood developmental theories, and early relational and collective trauma.

In her practice, Sandra works with a broad range of issues including relationships, intimacy, anxiety, stress, depression, emotional overwhelm, effects of early childhood trauma, shame, family dynamics, and dealing with life threatening illnesses.

Beyond private practice, Sandra enjoys running workshops for women that focus on building a powerful inner life, as well as mindfulness based workshops for yoga teachers, and aligned professions.

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